“CARPET. Psyche miners within the parallels and betwixt the REALMS. Ok. Minerals and the animal hearts combining through vibrations. FEELING IMPROVISATIONS. Thru’. A happening occurs with the people as the MUSIC, the lights, events. ENO. COSMIC JOKERS. HARMONIA. This is CAN.” https://www.facebook.com/salisburycarpet   https://carpetnoises.bandcamp.com/ https://www.gigmit.com/carpet  


Operating from a quiet corner of the English countryside Heqrtless▲Spark pulls and stretches sounds and samples to create a hauntingly dark sound that is all of his own. Nightmarish and cinematic, the beauty of desolation.


Operating outside of set genre SevenFourOne creates an alternative yet accessible take on modern, forward thinking electronic music’ https://www.facebook.com/SevenFourOneMusic/

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A place to upload, download and create. All sounds here can be used in anyway you like. Make your own compositions and post the results. Feel free to upload your own samples, a cappella, field recordings, drum tracks and anything else you would like to share. This is a place for online collaboration and experimentation. […]

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